So often people think the giver is the selfless one within outreach.  What most will tell you is that they have received more within through the experience of serving than any amount of money could provide.  It is through seeking to understand the stories of others, and having a small part in watching their miracles unfold, that the true miracle within us comes to life.  We will never be the same.


The Lives We Impact




Serving others is about what you have been called to do, and not what they do with it.  We can never lose by planting seeds of love in other people's lives.  It is not about finding the deserving, but finding the needs and matching the resources, then walking with them as they take command of their lives and start to walk in love as well.

We are not called to save each other; we are called to walk with each other.  Some have scars that show more clearly on the outside, but we all have them.  The greatest gift we can offer is helping others tap into their Spirit, and learn to trust that Spirit through this challenging time.  As we pour out the love, and encouragement - they are empowered to see what is truly within them.  That is what will carry them through the next life challenge.  We should lift each other up and encourage each other.  Once judgement slips in, we lose the joy of the experience.