Miracle Jump Start


Founded: 2014

Started By:  All the generous hearts just waiting for the opportunity to help, andPolly Haze


Out of Homelessness
9 families recently moved out of homelessness and into homes, thanks to landlords that were willing to give them another chance.

Food Drive
Each week we deliver food and hygiene products to over 25 families, and offer a healthy low-cost menu that can be cooked from their crockpot.

Warm Clothing Outreach
As a result of so many generous clothes donations, MJS was able to provide over 200 individuals with warm clothes for the winter season.

Holiday Outreach

This year we provided 70 children with toys and clothes for Christmas. 

Continuing Education

MJS collects and reprogram old laptops and provides them to homeless ready to continue their education.  This has been a huge success within the individuals that continue to pursue their dreams.

Miracle Jump Start is a nonprofit to helping people get the jump start they need to get out of homelessness, and into a home.  Since this is not an overnight goal, it has been an honor to build relationships and coach those that have allowed us into their world.

We have a passion for matching resources with needs, and planting seeds of love.  Join us!

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